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Marketing & Sales

In 2006, NAMM established its own broker agency, Your Health Options Insurance Services, Inc., to enroll Medicare-eligible beneficiaries into the NAMM Network through the contracted MAPD plans. Well structured and researched marketing campaigns are implemented to target audiences to support the sales team, improve member retention and promote the Client brand identity. The marketing and sales team analyzes each market and creates a customized plan for the Client. The team is also well prepared to quickly deploy new strategies to address unforeseen events and new opportunities.
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Electronic Connectivity

NAMM is committed to providing Clients with effective and efficient IT systems that are at the forefront of the healthcare and technology industries. The IT department continuously evaluates upgrades and opportunities to expand the electronic capabilities of NAMM and its Clients. Utilizing multiple best-of-class vendors, the IT department supports and hosts systems for communication, automatic authorizations, eligibility tracking and transactional claim processing.

  • The data aggregation processes and the security protections are approved for self-reporting data for various Pay for Performance and Quality Insurance Programs to improve the quality of patient care and the accuracy of encounter submissions
  • The NAMMNet provider portal includes a single point of communication to access the on-line capability to view member eligibility, lookup claims, submit and review authorizations and referrals to expedite patient access to appropriate specialty care, order and review laboratory results, and view and update IPA and provider specific details on Pay for Performance and Risk Adjuster initiatives, continuing our process of improving patient and provider satisfaction.
  • In 2009, NAMM successfully implemented an EHR/PMS system at four reference sites and will initiate a rollout to the Client network over the next few years. As an interim step, NAMM is assisting physicians with the implementation of a separate e-prescribing program. To improve the coordination of patient care and to assist physicians in qualifying for the Federal funds under the HITECH Act, NAMM recrafted its connectivity strategy to include a HUB technology that will enable communication between different EHR/PMS systems and between physicians, hospitals and ancillary providers in Phase 1 which will be initiated in late 2009. Phase 2 is expected to include using the HUB to enhance clinical pathways for disease management, patient portals and data aggregation to for best practice studies.

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